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"The Catacombs"

About a year ago, I was taking photos in the Paris Catacombs for my latest project for my photography portfolio. I was pretty far down, but it was okay since I had told some friends that I would be out by 7 p.m, and that if I wasn’t, they should send help. I also had a radio and a walkie that my buddy could speak to me on from the street above, and glowsticks that I had left down the passages i’d been down so that I could find my way back easily.

It was about 6:15 and I had gone far enough so that I had used up all my glowsticks, so I knew it was time to start heading back. I decided to take a few more pictures before ending my expedition. I had taken a few snaps around the dark corridor I was standing in before a couple things happened that made me -a non-religious skeptic- pray to whatever god could hear me to get me the fuck out of there.

Yet, I don’t know which scared me more.

The fact that the glow sticks were gone,

Or the fact that the face-detect on my camera had outlined something in the pitch darkness only a few feet in front of me.

(by yours truly. story on /r/shortscarystories here!)

Thought sixpenceee might like this

Story inspired by the true story of the found footage of a man who went missing in the Paris Catacombs. You can watch the footage/documentary here.

The footage is truly terrifying, not only because the man (or his body) still hasn’t been found, but because no one knows what scared him to the point of dropping his seemingly only source of light and running possibly away from something.

Also, there’s a new horror movie coming out about the Catacombs called ‘As Above, So Below’. You can watch the trailer here!

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